Record Flooding along the Mississippi

May 10th, 2011

The flooding this season has been extensive.  Right now forty streamflow gauges across the U.S. are recording major flooding conditions.  In a bunch of these locations water levels of the local rivers have already exceeded the previous records.  Thankfully some locations along the Ohio River are already starting to see a drop in water levels.  However as you move farther south towards the Mississippi River the water levels are just starting to crest.  Even further south of that into Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi water levels are forecast to rise and in some locations possibly rise to record levels.

Here are current water heights at a bunch of streamflow gauges across the U.S.

Location State River Height 5/10/11 (feet) Record Height (feet) Notes
Mississippi River Near Greenville Arkansas 62.05 65.4 Forecast to Rise
Mississippi River Near Arkansas City Arkansas 51.02 59.2 Forecast to Rise
White River at Clarendon Arkansas 37.54 43.3
White River at Des Arc Arkansas 36.4 37.3 Previously exceeded record height
White River Above Augusta Arkansas 36.9 41
Mississippi River at Osceola Arkansas 47.2 50.9
Little Wabash River at Carmi Illinois 35.02 38.4
Patoka River at Princeton Indiana 22.8 24.44 Previously exceeded record height
Ohio River at Paducah Kentucky 53.6 60.6
Ohio River at Smithland Lock and Dam Kentucky 53.2 51.4
Mississippi River at Baton Rouge Louisiana 41.75 47.3 Forecast to Rise
Mississippi River at Natchez Mississippi 57.32 58 Forecast to Rise to record levels
Mississippi River at Vicksburg Mississippi 52.79 56.2 Forecast to Rise to record levels
Mississippi River at Caruthersville Missouri 46.7 46
Mississippi River at New Madrid Missouri 47 48 Previously exceeded record height
Ohio River at Cairo Missouri 57.8 59.5
North Platte River Nebraska 6.52 6.7
Lake Champlain at Rouses Point New York 102.75 102.1
Lake Champlain Near Whitehall New York 103.06 103
Sheyanne River at West Fargo Diversion North Dakota 22.32 28.8
Devils Lake North Dakota 1454.18 1452.1
Souris River Near Foxholm North Dakota 15.1 17.2
James River Near Yankton South Dakota 19 24.3
James River Near Mitchell South Dakota 22.59 25.3
James River at Huron South Dakota 17.85 21.3
James River Near Ashton South Dakota 23.1 26
James River Near Columbia South Dakota 18.75 19.8
Mississippi River at Memphis Tennessee 47.75 Unknown
Mississippi River at Tiptonville Tennessee 47 47.8 Previously exceeded record height
Lake Champlain at Burlington Vermont 102.86 101.9

Water levels courtesy of USGS and NWS

2 Responses to “Record Flooding along the Mississippi”

  1. Blog Visitor says:

    We’re trying to decide if the flooding in Memphis is worthy of the front page. The worst may be over by the time we publish.

  2. Backstage Library Works says:

    I wish there was a way that we could build underground water flow system that senses when one area has too much rain, water moisture and would then ship the excess water via underground system to states that are in desperate need of water. This would eliminate water shortages all around the world.

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