Warm and dry in Denver this year

December 7th, 2010

Overall Denver saw warmer than normal temperatures for much of the year, except for February and May.  Snowfall totals were below normal for much of the year especially this past November with Denver only receiving 1.5 inches for the month.  Normal snowfall totals for the month of November are 10.7 inches.  Looking at the rainfall totals those too were below normal for much of the year.  For a location that doesn’t normally receive much rain to begin with this lack of rainfall didn’t help anything.  Only April, June, and July saw above normal rainfall totals for the month and it was only slightly above in June.

The temperatures were on the warm side of things, like a good chunk of the U.S.  On March 30 they saw a record high of 82°F.  That high of 82°F was higher than the highest temperature in April!  July 17th saw another record high temperature of 102°F.  There was a nice stretch of temperatures in the 90′s  from July 12-19.  September even saw some 90′s with there being a high of 96°F on September 19.

Location 2010 Monthly Average Temperature (F) 30 Year Monthly Average Temperature (F) Difference
Denver January January
30.4 29.2 1.2 Warmer
February February
29.1 33.2 -4.1 Colder
March March
41 39.6 1.4 Warmer
April April
47.8 47.6 0.2 Warmer
May May
54 57.2 -3.2 Colder
June June
68.8 67.6 1.2 Warmer
July July
74.4 73.4 1 Warmer
August August
73.8 71.7 2.1 Warmer
September September
67 62.4 4.6 Warmer
October October
55.3 51 4.3 Warmer
November November
38.3 37.5 0.8 Warmer

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