Overall slightly above normal in Bismarck

November 9th, 2010

Bismarck has seen some warmer than usual weather this year and some cooler than usual weather this year, but overall it was warmer than normal.   Bismarck also received more precipitation than normal so far this year being over 5 inches above normal.  Though by this point last year they had about an inch more rain, so not quite as wet as last year.   October went out with a bang when there were near blizzard conditions with high winds and snowfall.  3.2 inches fell on October 27th setting a snowfall record for the day.

Here are the monthly average temperatures for January through October as compared to the 30 year average temperatures.

Location 2010 Monthly Average Temperature (F) 30 Year Monthly Average Temperature (F) Difference
Bismarck January January
9.3 10.2 -0.9 Colder
February February
10.5 18.1 -7.6 Colder
March March
33.7 29.7 4 Warmer
April April
47.8 43.3 4.5 Warmer
May May
54.2 56 -1.8 Colder
June June
65.2 64.6 0.6 Warmer
July July
70.7 70.4 0.3 Warmer
August August
71.1 69 2.1 Warmer
September September
56.2 57.7 -1.5 Colder
October October
48.7 45.2 3.5 Warmer

And in case you were looking for exact numbers as of yesterday November 8th Bismarck had received 21.03 inches of precipitation, a normal value for this time of year is 15.94 inches (5.09 inches less than where we are currently at).

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