Baltimore, MD except for the snow warmer every month

November 5th, 2010

Baltimore Maryland has had above normal temperatures overall for each month this year except for February. Looking at the average monthly temperatures for January 2010 to October 2010 I compared them to the 30 year monthly averages for those same times and saw that for every month, except February, it was warmer than normal. Look at how warm it was paying special attention to the summer months:

Location 2010 Monthly Average Temperature (F) 30 Year Monthly Average Temperature (F) Difference
Baltimore January January
32.7 32.3 0.4 Warmer
February February
30.9 35.5 -4.6 Colder
March March
48.5 43.7 4.8 Warmer
April April
57.1 53.2 3.9 Warmer
May May
67.3 62.9 4.4 Warmer
June June
78.8 71.8 7 Warmer
July July
81.5 76.5 5 Warmer
August August
77.4 74.5 2.9 Warmer
September September
71 67.4 3.6 Warmer
October October
57.6 55.4 2.2 Warmer

I note in February there was record snowfall for Baltimore.  The total for the month was 50 inches!  Yes you read right fifty inches.  By the end of February over 76 inches of snow had fallen in Baltimore that winter season helping to make it the snowiest season on record for Baltimore.  With the La Niña in place for this upcoming winter season we will just have to wait and see what this winter will look like for them.  Hopefully not so snowy.

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